Purple Solid Color Envelopes

Who says violets are blue? Bright Hue Recycled Envelopes are a vivid violet color that’s as pretty as the flowers they’re named after. When you love purple we can't think of a better fit for you. From greeting cards and invitations, from brochures to press kits, flyers, letters, the list goes on and on! Eco-friendly Bright Hue Envelopes are made from 30% post consumer paper. They’re also acid free and archival, meaning you can store them and they’ll remain in faultless condition. Violet Recycled Bright Hue Envelopes are available in 20 different sizes! From coin envelopes to commercial envelopes, from policy envelopes to envelopes with clasps, we seriously have it all! Click through our sizes for the specifics!

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