Purple Metallic Envelopes

These Metallic Envelopes and Paper definitely hit the spot. These envelopes will give a little edge to the regular purple color everyone else is handing out. Dark but still vibrant, these envelopes will speak to your undeniable style. But the metallic feature is probably its best. When you want your envelopes to shine, give a little more intrigue, and beautify your invite, ruby metallic is the way to go. Use these envelopes for your wedding, your business, or simply for letter writing. This way, your style will be hard to beat. And with the assortment of sizes, you'll be able to match your invite with your thank you card. If you want to feel as lucky as if you found a buried treasure filled with rubies that sparkle into the night, these envelopes are the way to go. (It’s basically the same thing.)

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