Purple Large Booklet Envelopes

Bigger is better and purple is prettier. It's true. With these purple packages, you'll be able to fit more and with the purple shades, you'll be able to make a creative statement. The perfect combination for your bigger and more important projects.

Purple Large Booklet Envelopes let you fit magazines, press kits, and brochures, essays, files, and certificates without having to scrunch up your work. No bends, rips, tears, or crumbles will happen with these large booklet envelopes! This leaves your material professional and secure on the inside, and stylish and pretty on the outside.

Purple Large Paper Booklet Envelopes are available in:

9 x 12 Booklet - Dark Purple, Translucent Wisteria Purple, Translucent Primary Blue
10 x 13 Booklet Tuck Flap - Handmade Indian Metallic Lilac, Handmade Indian Metallic Purple (both 100% recycled!)

Love the size but want another color? Check out our Large Booklet Envelopes under 'Other JAM'n Products You Might Like' for the biggest variety and the best quality.

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