Purple Cello Sleeves

Purple Cellophane Sleeves provide a pretty, pleasant, and perfect envelope to send out greetings, art, or promotional materials. Choose between a classic solid Purple Sleeve, or go for something a bit more unique and artistic with a Purple Fiber Sleeve or a Purple Lace Sleeve. Since all feature a self-adhesive closure, your letters, essays, invitations, greeting cards, and whatever else you can think of, will be secure and safe in the midst of sending.

Sending and safeguarding photos with a Cello Sleeve is easy. These envelopes are acid free and archival quality, which means they are excellent at preservation. Plus they're USPS approved, so mailing them is no problem.

Purple Cello Sleeves are available in A2, A6, A7, A8, A9, 6 x 6, and Paper size. Click the size for the specific measurements of each sleeve!

Love the cello material, but want another color? Check under 'Other JAM'n Products You Might Like' to see a wide variety of different styles and colors all in cellophane!

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