Pink Policy Envelopes

Honesty isn't the best policy, pink is. With Pink Policy Envelopes, you'll have no need for honesty. All you have to do is show off these bright and feminine envelopes and the second party will be convinced with anything you say! Honest!

Policy Envelopes and Coin Envelopes open on the short side, creating a unique vertical shape instead of the standard horizontal shape of an envelope. Use these policy envelopes for unique invitations, promotional brochures for your company, even Breast Cancer Awareness flyers. Sure to catch the attention of any recipient!

Pink Policy Envelopes are available in four different policy sizes: #10, #11, #12, and #14. Click on the size for the specific measurements.

We also have our Pink Coin Envelope collection on this page! The sizes consist of #1, #3, #5 1/2, #6, #7. Again, the exact size can be found once you click on each variation!

Shades include: Baby Pink, Bright Hue Ultra Pink, Bright Hue Ultra Fuchsia, and Fireball Fuchsia.

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