Ivory Strathmore Envelopes

When you first look at this page, you'll probably notice the title. Ivory Strathmore Envelopes are as fancy and classy as their name. Then you'll notice how many sizes we have. With 20 sizes to choose from, anything will fit inside nicely. From place cards with our 4bar envelopes to invitations with our A7's, from business invoices with our #10 Window Envelopes to work documents with our booklet envelopes. We even have square envelopes for a modern touch to your mail!

Then you might notice the several styles of Ivory Strathmore Envelopes we have. From Laid to Linen, from Pinstripe to Wove, our finishes are endless. Whether you choose to put some texture in your envelope or keep it smooth is up to you! Some of our envelopes are 30% recycled too!

And once you've seen all of these beautiful envelopes, you'll notice we have Ivory Strathmore Paper and Cover too! This will make for a beautiful stationery set.

Keep it classy with Strathmore.

Note: Envelopes and paper are sold separately.

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