Grey/Silver Large Booklet Envelopes

Envision an envelope that’s designed to fit a large booklet while looking sleek and shiny at the same time. Now look up. You're no longer envisioning it, you're seeing it for real! With Silver Booklet Envelopes and Grey Booklet Envelopes, your documents will be able to fit nicely - with no creases, bends, or tears. And that's just the first feature.

Silver brings a sense of professionalism yet beauty into anything you use it for. Whether you want to store your arts and crafts, keep a presentation in the envelope for safe keeping, or send a big birthday card, these will surely make a statement. Keep your documents tightly sealed with our gum closure options or make it easy for you to close and open the booklet with our tuck flap option. No matter what, you'll certainly be not only satisfied but ecstatic with our choice.

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