Green Plastic Envelopes

Carry necessary documents to meetings. Administer paperwork. File away forms. If these tasks are part of your everyday agenda, a Plastic Envelope may be of assistance. Useful, durable, and stylish, these large envelopes can dutifully store any paper so that you'll know where your work is.

Whether you want to put your presentation in here and make a bold statement when you walk in, whether you want to store your important documents inside and keep them safe, or whether you want to make sure your child's drawings stay in one place and taken out of the envelope and admired quickly and easily, these envelopes are sure to help. And with the snap closure, your things will be sealed tight but also easy to, well, snap open!

Green Plastic Envelopes with Snap Closure are available in 2 sizes and many styles:

9 3/4 x 13 Letter Booklet - Green Frosted, Green Grid, Lime Green
9 x 3/4 x 14 1/2 Legal Booklet - Lime Green Two-Tone, Lime Green

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