Green Cello Sleeves

Green Cello Sleeves have everything artists and photographers need to ship prints, artwork, and other paper goods. Keep the quality of your material fresh, no matter where you're sending it. But these don't just protect your work, they enhance it. The beautiful green shades and designs you have to choose from will add to your amazing work of art or your important document. Instead of using a boring cover, why not go for something that stands out? And with the self-adhesive closure, you'll definitely have an tight seal.

Acid free and archival quality for maximum preservation. USPS approved.

Green Cello Sleeves are available in A2, A6, A7, A9 and 6 x 6. Click on the size you're looking for to find the exact measurements.

Different styles include: Forest Green, Green, Green Lace, Floral Green, Fiber Teal, and Aqua. So whether you want to go for a solid color or a beautiful design, we have it all!

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