Gold Large Booklet Envelopes

Sure, what you put on the inside of an envelope is super important. But the first thing the person sees isn't what's on the inside, it's what covers the outside. With these Gold Booklet Envelopes, your boss, coworker, mom, or brother will automatically go, "whoa!" and be way more excited to open the envelope than if it was in a boring color. With two shades of gold to choose from, you'll be feeling like an Olympic gold medalist! Our metallic Gold envelope will make your content shimmer and shine while our Translucent Vellum Gold Envelope will give your recipients' a hint as to what's inside while still surprising them once they open it.

Gold Large Paper Booklet Envelopes are 9 x 12. They’re big enough to fit brochures, important documents, and photobooks without having to squeeze them in, leaving corners flat and papers smooth. Now that's an award winning envelope right there!

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