Clear Foil Envelopes

See past those boring envelopes and see right through to our Square See-Through Foil Envelopes! The translucency combined with the square shape will bring a modern, futuristic edge to all of your documents. The see-through feature is great for when you want to know what's inside without having to open it. And it also compliments any color! From hot pink invites to white work documents.

The square size is great for those hard-to-fit invitations, announcements, or memos. And the foil material is sure to keep whatever you decide to put inside safe and preserved. Lastly, the zip closure will zip up your material tight. So, there's no need to worry about anything falling out or you misplacing that important paper. When you want to give a modern twist to your envelopes and are bored of those colored rectangular envelopes, square foil is certainly for you.

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