Brown Tiny Envelopes

You want an itsy bitsy teeny weeny any color envelope-ini? Well, you came to the right place! Change up your envelopes with our adorable and affordable Brown Tiny Envelopes! Sometimes referred to as mini envelopes or small envelopes, these can be used for any small feat! Use them as business card envelopes, to store your credit card, or use them to decorate your flowers. This mini envelope is the perfect size for card envelopes to enhance your place cards and gift cards! But don't worry, even though these are small gift card envelopes, they are sure to make a huge statement!

Brown Tiny Envelopes are available in over 10 different sizes, including a collection of coin envelopes and square envelopes. Mini sized-envelopes are always a hit!

Please note: these mini envelopes are NOT mail-able, just super adorable is all!

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