Brown Photo Mailers

Send photos securely and keep products flat in an environmentally friendly photo mailer! Our Brown Kraft Recycled Photo Mailers eliminate the need for cardboard stiffeners since the mailers are made with classic brown Kraft cardboard. They will keep all of your pictures, artwork, diplomas, calendars, legal forms and more protected as they soar cross country. Your content won’t ever bend in these photo mailers. When the recipient opens the mailer, it'll be like handing it off yourself. Hey, maybe it'll arrive even better than new!

Brown Kraft Photo Mailers have a self-adhesive, peel & seal closure to speed up the packing process. Sending items in bulk will take less time and you can send your work out more efficiently. What's better than that?

Environmentally responsible, our Kraft Mailers are made from 100% Recycled Paperboard with up to 97% Post-consumer Content. 100% Recyclable.

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