Blue Cello Sleeves

Aquaman and Blue Shield have nothing on these sleeves! These two superheroes, with all of their powers, have no way to tear through our Blue and Aqua Cellophane Envelopes. Want to know why? They're tear resistant! When you're in need of a durable, long-lasting, acid free, archival quality envelope that makes a beautiful blue statement, these are your top picks. Because who wouldn't want an envelope that can withstand superheroes and look good at the same time?

Cello Envelopes also have a convenient self-adhesive closure. This way you can peel, seal, and your letter, photograph, card, etc. will be on its way in no time. All Cellophane Sleeves are USPS approved for easy mailing! These sleeves come in Blue, Aqua, and even an intricately designed Fiber Teal shade.

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