Black Open End Envelopes

The bigger the better. Black Clasp and Open End Envelopes come in 6 different large sizes, including an extra large 15 x 18 size. Because big promotions need big envelopes. Fit anything from a pamphlet to a magazine to a piece of art.

If you want to send your stuff in a bolder envelope, but don't want to test your luck with a bright color, choose a Black Clasp or Open End Envelope. They still have a professional appearance, while attracting more attention than a basic white or manila envelope.

You can also use these for storage and organization. Compile loose papers and documents to keep them in a safe place. The clasp envelopes have secure closure for trouble-free carrying.

Black Clasp and Open End Envelopes are available in:

6 x 9 - Clasp and Open End

9 x 12 - Clasp and Open End

10 x 13 - Clasp and Open End

15 x 18 - Open End

Just change the size to change the picture.

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