Black Linen Envelopes

When we say in our slogan every size, we're not kidding around. We actually mean every size. From over THIRTY sizes to choose from, your black envelope collection just got the highest upgrade imaginable.

Black is a great color to make your event all the more classic. Along with the elegant black color comes the unique linen finish. This brings a little more depth into your card giving, business announcements, and sophisticated wedding invitations. Black Linen Envelopes are 30% recycled with post consumer waste, so your environment will be as happy as you will be after you grab hold of these envelopes.

And we almost forgot to mention that there is matching 8.5 x 11 32lb paper and 80 cover also! Now you'll be able to match what's on the inside with what's on the outside.

NOTE: Certain sizes are only available in Smooth Black, not Black Linen. Please pay careful attention to the color name when placing an order.

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