Black Foil Lined Envelopes

Enhance the elegance and distinction of your correspondence with our Black Foil Lined Envelopes. These envelopes, available in a variety of sizes including A7, A4, A2, #10, A9, A8, A6, and 4 3/8 x 8 1/4 inches, are designed to cater to all your mailing needs, from wedding invitations and greeting cards to formal business communications. The striking black foil lining on the inside of each envelope provides a luxurious contrast, ensuring that every item you send stands out with a touch of sophistication. The exterior is available in classic colors such as White, Natural, and Silver, allowing you to choose the perfect match for your event's theme or organizational branding. With paper weights ranging from 24 lb to 32 lb, these envelopes offer both durability and a premium feel, ensuring that your documents arrive in pristine condition. Whether you're sending out large announcements in A9 envelopes or more intimate notes in A2 sizes, these black foil lined envelopes add an element of surprise and luxury to the recipient's experience, making your message even more memorable. Opt for our Black Foil Lined Envelopes to give a sleek, professional, and elegant touch to your correspondence, making every occasion special and every communication more impactful.

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