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Just got a brand new batch of top-notch custom business cards and can’t wait to show them off? With all those cards and potential connections to be made, you’ll surely need a way to keep them all organized. Look no further! With a JAM Business Card book, your cards will be safe and secure, and you will definitely impress those employers in interviews and the people you want to connect with at that networking event.

Our Business Cards are made of durable heavyduty plastic, and with a 72-card capacity, you’ll be able to carry many cards at one time to hand out to whoever you want to stay in touch with. All of the card pages have a three card file, so you can have your contact info at an easy reach at any time.

Just because our title says 'business card' books doesn't mean you only have to store business cards. With these books, there's even enough room for collectibles like those Pokemon cards! The best part is these books will keep you totally organized in any way you see fit. By type of business card if you have multiple or by type for Pokemon cards (since water and fire Pokemon don't mix of course).

Business Card Books come with a blue, orange, or purple book cover, and hold 72 cards. Get yours organized today!

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