Heavyweight (130lb) Cardstock

Let's face it- sometimes you need powerful, resistant, HEAVY cardstock. For this, JAM recommends our premium, industry-best heavyweight 130lb cardstock! Do intricate crafts, complex projects with our incredibly durable heavyweight 130lb cardstock- we swear by it!

When you are looking for tight construction, thick cardstock is the only way to go for a DIY craft or project. Heavyweight 130lb Cardstock from JAM is the best bet! We are all about color, so don't worry- this super strong cardstock is available in over 20 colors! We know that every artist and craft-fanatic has their own sense of color and style...so we make it easy by offering this cardstock in every color you can think of. Maybe some yellow or orange for a whimsical piece, or blue and black for something melancholic...it doesn't matter...our 130lb cardstock is the best you'll ever use!

Heavyweight 130lb cardstock is available in red, mandarin orange, yellow, mint green, baby blue, peacock blue, presidential blue, turquoise, baby pink, magenta, electric violet, light purple, chocolate brown, tan, light grey, dark grey, smooth black, navy blue, bright white wove Strathmore and natural white wove Strathmore.

As this is heavyweight 130lb cardstock it is very thick, and not safe to print on.

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