Paper Pop-up Vases

If you want a lovely, easy to use and versatile accessory for any room in the house, you've come to the right place. With JAM Paper Pop-Up Flower Vases, any room will be brightened and livened up and have a warm, inviting feel. With nearly thirty different designs and colors, our vases will complement any room color and design and will pair beautifully with any type of flower you'd like to add to it.

These Vases are light yet sturdy and are as easy as unfolding paper. They pop up into durable vases that will be able to hold any flower and won't be damaged by the water you use to keep them fresh. Better than any clear glass vase, you can use these to match with the decor in any room of your house, office, school, or anywhere you feel flowers would be a great addition. And because they are hard paper, even if dropped these vases won't break. Order yours and brighten up your room today!

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