Kraft Binders

Klassy, Kool, and Kondifent are the three ways you’ll feel when you carry around our kraft designders! Klassy because our colors are available in brown and black, probably the most classy colors you can find. Kool because you won’t be breaking a sweat carrying these around! Their lightweight material will make your arm not feel so heavy, even with a lot of paper inside. And Konfident because there’s no way anyone will beat your binder taste! And who doesn’t get confident after realizing that they are the best?

You might start spelling all of those ‘c’ words with a ‘k’ but you’ll seem kavalier about it, wait we mean cavalier (see, it happens to the best of us). And your spelling won’t even matter because Recycled Kraft Designders® are kreative (we mean creative) binders that are exclusive to JAM. These amazing recycled binders are available in Recycled Brown Kraft and Recycled Black Kraft.

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