Crocodile Binders

Fashion never sleeps, and your binder choice shouldn't be out of style either. With these crocodile wrapped designders, you'll be the biggest fashionista in the office. And with that title comes a lot of responsibility. But you won’t have to worry. This binder will make you well prepared and organized for all of those presentations. At the same time, carrying it around will show everyone you still are the ‘it’ guy or girl. Make your office jealous of that great style you have. Style doesn't have to just stop at the clothes you wear. Make your binder style pop too.

These Designders, also called Crocodile Binders and Alligator Binders, have a distinct crocodile texture that makes them fun to touch and look at. The beautiful crocodile finish can be found inside and out.

Crocodile Designders® come with 1 inch rings and are available in Black, White, Red, Navy Blue, and Dark Brown. The Black Crocodile Binder has black rings to match!

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