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Some people think that gift bags are not as fun to open as a wrapped box, but these glossy gift bags prove that theory wrong tenfold. Having the perfect shine, our glossy gift bags will stand out from the rest of the presents in the group. And with the amount of colors to choose from, you are sure to find a glossy bag that matches the occasion you're going to. From a fancy wedding that needs some silver or gold to a cute summer block party that needs some lime green and fuchsia, these bags will be able to fit any need. And our sizes are great for any type of gift - from a small necklace to a ton of clothes, to an awesomely large nerf gun. These shiny bags are essential for your next gift!

Our motto is 'Every Color, Every Size' for a reason! Glossy Gift Bags are available in more than ten different colors and ten different sizes.

Bags feature matching soft rope handles that add a cute yet practical touch.

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