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    • 3-in-1 Light FX Playsets

      3-in-1 Light FX Playsets

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      Word Pile Playsets

    • Early Aged Baby Board Books

      Early Aged Baby Board Books

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    • Toys & Games at JAM are unique and offered in a wide variety of styles to satisfy all your different interests! Filled with fun and focused on skill-building, these games will keep you and your family entertained for a long time. Grab your paints and let out your creativity for Paint Your Own 4-in-1 Wooden Vehicles Playsets and Painting Bliss Deluxe Art Kits. Create your own beauty products and then use them with Bath Bombs Making Kits and Flavor Twist Lip Balm Making Kits. Learn with your hands with our Ultimate Chemistry Lab Playsets and Building Tool Sets. And much, much more!

      JAM toys make the perfect gift for kids. A great birthday or holiday present idea. The whole family can join in, too!