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Holiday Design Tissue Paper

Holiday Design Tissue Paper

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Want some famous holiday tissue paper to decorate your Christmas gifts with?! You came to the right page. This holiday tissue paper was featured in Real Simple Magazine's 2012 "Easy Inexpensive Holiday Decorations"! And during the stressful holiday season, the one thing you want is easy. And during the expensive holiday season, the other thing you want is inexpensive. It’s a win win!

Wrap your present up in this tissue paper or stuff your Christmas gift bag with some sheets so that your Christmas present doesn't only scream open but also shows how festive you really are. Without some festive cheer, you'll look like Scrooge before he meets all three ghosts (and that wouldn't be good). 

Choose from more than eight Christmas designs! From candy canes to sleds to the classic red and green colors, your holiday wraps for Christmas will stand out from the rest! 

Holiday Design Tissue Paper sheets are 20 x 26. Comes in 3 sheets, 8 sheets or 480 sheets per pack! 

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