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Purple Rapphia Ribbon

Purple Rapphia Ribbon

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Pleasing, pleasant, and plenty of purple! Our Purple Rapphia Ribbon combines a rustic look with an elegant and regal color. The twisted texture creates a unique edge to all of your items and the purple color is sure to impress everyone who is worthy of seeing them. 

Whether you want to decorate your centerpieces for your purple themed wedding, tie a birthday gift up in a bow, or accessorize your wine glasses for a cute touch to that dinner party, this purple ribbon will certainly make your guests or recipients smile bright. These bundles are even used to weave baskets! So make sure to please your people with purple and you are sure to get a pleasant response back! 

Purple Rapphia Ribbon comes in two styles:

1 Wraffia Bundle that weighs 1.7 ounces: Purple.

1 Spool of Rapphia Ribbon that measures in 100 yards: Fuchsia or Purple.

1 Spool of Rapphia Ribbon that measures in 200 yards: Purple. 

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