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Green Rapphia Ribbon

Green Rapphia Ribbon

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You're sure going to be a bundle of energy once you get one of these Wraffia bundles. The bright, vibrant green along with the twisted texture will make anyone excited! 

From arts & crafts to decorations to gift bags, this Green Rapphia Ribbon will add style and success to anything it touches. Green is the color of prosperity, and this green ribbon will surely make your gifts prosper. From the subtle Dark Green to the bold Lime Green, any shade will compliment your gifts. Be creative and make a cute bow to accessorize your vases, or be practical and tie this Green Rapphia to your office supplies to keep them together nicely. Either way, these bundles will bring a bundle of energy, joy, and prosperity to every item! 

Green Rapphia Ribbon is available in three different 1.7 ounce bundles – Lime Green, Dark Green & Green. And is also available in 1 spool of 60 ft in Pearlized Lime Green. 

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