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Gold Feather Ribbon

Gold Feather Ribbon

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So you're unique right? You always want to do something different or be someone different. I mean, why else would you click on this page? Our feather ribbon is as unique and different as it gets. And when you want to stand out and make people wonder, tie this ribbon anywhere and everywhere. The beautiful gold is just an amazing icing on the cake! Feel elegant, feel unique with Gold Feather Ribbon. 

Best part? You can use this ribbon for just about anything. From tying presents and invitations together for and elegant Christmas look to making your arts and crafts shine bright to wrapping a vase of flowers with it. Whether you tape, glue, or staple this feather on your DIY projects, the gold will stay in place and get you that first place prize (if there are any...) 

Gold Feather Ribbon come in spools that measure 3 yards. 

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