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Color Duct Tape

Color Duct Tape

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Duct Tape can fix anything. Whether it's a leak, tear, or break, this duct tape is a sure way to patch anything up quickly and efficiently.

The strength of this wide duct tape will hold even the toughest of breaks and the 10 yards will last a long time, for even the clumsiest of people. But the best part is, this duct tape comes in cool colors! So when you want to not only mend something but decorate it as well, these colors will definitely come in handy. 

These are also great for making homemade crafts! From wallets to purses to decorative pens and binders, these will create some awesome items. Great for wrapping, mending, sealing, and decorating - you can't go wrong with duct tape like this! With one roll of this tape, you'll be that handy fixer upper in no time. 

Color Duct Tape measures out into 2 inches wide x 10 yards long (50mm x 9.14m). Available in Green and Blue. 

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