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Portfolios > Recycled Kraft Portfolio with Snap Closure

Recycled Kraft Portfolio with Snap Closure

Recycled Kraft Portfolio with Snap Closure

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Not feeling 100% lately? Been down in the dumps about how unorganized you've been? With this 100% recycled portfolio, you'll definitely get that smile back! Being good to your environment will make anyone happy. And you'll add onto that happiness with the stylish look to it! The studded texture will make you feel like Beyonce. So much so that you'll be strutting your stuff to your next meeting and maybe even flipping your hair in the process. And who doesn't feel 100% when they feel like Beyonce?

Are you still not 100% satisfied even when after knowing you’re saving your environment and feeling confident at the same time? Well with this portfolio’s durability you’ll definitely feel safe and secure when carrying it around. Sometimes security is the best feeling! And the snap closure will make all of your worries about losing your documents disappear! You won't have to worry about losing your art, business documents, anything you can think of to keep inside these portfolios! Now if you don’t feel 100%, customize your own Kraft Portfolio to your liking. You can’t beat that!

Recycled Kraft Portfolios are available in medium (9 1/4 x 12 1/4 x 1/2). Available in Black, Red and Kraft.

Other custom sizes and styles are also available! Click "Build a Custom Portfolio" at the bottom of the page for more details! 

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