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Custom Fur Notebooks

Custom Fur Notebooks

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Do you have the eye of the tiger? Are you a fighter dancing through the fire? Are you a champion? Are we going to hear you roar, louder than a lion? These fur notebooks will let our your inner leopard, tiger, lion, any big cat you want! Because they're customizable! 

Are you more like a zebra prancing through the wild too oblivious to see the big cat in the midst of the grass? That’s totally okay (this is just a hypothetical anyway) because you can bring zebra print to life too! These notebooks will let out your spirit animal that you either dream about being or owning. Write down what qualifies you into owning one, and when you go to the place where they let you adopt those kinds of animals, show them your notebook. They will know how serious you are. Unless of course your first reason why is that they’re cute. We don’t know if that will let you keep a wild tiger cub in your household. But with these customizable fur notebooks, anything is possible!

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