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Aluminum 1 Inch Binders

Aluminum 1 Inch Binders

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All Avenger Fans Assemble! Captain America has found another aluminum shield to carry around! And it happens to be this JAM Aluminum Binder! His durable shield is nothing compared to the durability of our binder! But instead of losing the one thing he is really known for, he now carries both for double the protection! 

In only seconds, this Aluminum Binder (with Captain America on its side) defeated The Red Skull. It held all of the essential ways to get rid of Skull’s genius strategies and along with the binder's durability Captain America was able to remind himself how to win and shield himself too! Even The Red Skull’s trademark move - the Dust of Death - had nothing on our aluminum binder! And Captain America has thanked us personally for this. Never again will Captain America go without our aluminum binder, so why should you?

Aluminum 1 Inch Binders are heavy and durable - perfect for protecting your most important, villain fighting papers! The cover measures 11 5/8 tall x 9 7/8 inches wide.

Customization is available for larger orders. Silkscreen or Emboss your company logo!

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