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Purple Pens & Markers

Purple Pens & Markers

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Sometimes villains need some time for arts & crafts too. So when Maleficent is tired of trying to prick Sleeping Beauty's finger, she is designing her next purple costume. Of course she has noticed some of our markers have a very, very fine point which could've saved her from that old school spinning wheel - but she tries to use these markers for more productive purposes anyway.

She also wrote that contract to Angelina Jolie with our purple markers - telling her not to make her villainous ways less villainous. Unfortunately it didn't work because our the color purple is more sweet than intimidating. Red might have been a better choice, but we understand that someone's favorite color goes a long way.

Purple Pens and Purple Markers are available in 15 styles! Great for drawing, labeling, or just plain writing. (Not contract writing though...) 

Purple Pens and Markers styles include Le Pens, Ultra Fine Point Markers, Fine Point Markers, Calligraphy Pens, Opaque Paint Markers, Brush Tip Markers, Acrylic Paint Markers, and Chalk Markers.

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