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White Window Display Envelopes

White Window Display Envelopes

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Throw conventionality out the window. Turn your envelope inside out.

Instead of making them wait, allow your recipients to see your important message right from the start. Use a Window Display Envelope to put the contents of your mail in the spotlight. The impartial white color of these envelopes gives them the versatility to go with anything. So you can use them for multiple occasions, personal greetings, or business mail. Display the front of a magazine or brochure, share a special photograph, or exhibit a lovely piece of art.

White Window Display Envelopes come in four different sizes. Classic #10 Window Envelopes are official looking for standard office mail. Our full face window envelope is a creative way to promote material through direct mail. So many possibilities lay ahead with the help of  our white window envelopes. 

White Window Display Envelopes are available in:
#10, 6 x 9 Booklet, 9 x 12 Booklet, & #6 ¼

Just change the size to change the picture.

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