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White 7 x 10 Envelopes

White 7 x 10 Envelopes

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Pure and simple, white booklet and open end envelopes are as classic as it gets. Everyone knows a white envelope when they see one, but the difference here is the amazing size! 

Don’t let a small envelope hinder your ability to effectively send out all of your mail. With our White 7 x 10 Envelopes, you can take care of all those large documents without having to fold them fifty times over. Send out brochures, invoices, bulky files and more with a spacey white envelope. With the white color you'll be able to label it however you want, even decorate it! Or just keep it pure and simple and leave it be. 

These White Mailers measure in at 7 x 10 inches and in booklet and open end. Our 7 x 10 Booklet Envelopes open on the long side and our 7 x 10 White Open End Envelopes open on the short side. Horizontal, vertical, we have it all! 

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