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Plastic Binder Envelope with VELCRO® brandClosure

Plastic Binder Envelope with VELCRO® brandClosure

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Is it that time of year where you really need to start organizing, but at the same time REALLY don't want to? All of your papers are slipping out of that binder of yours, so much so that you can't even find anything anymore. It's just that overwhelming! We have the perfect solution to your problems! These plastic binder envelopes will keep you so organized, that even your stickler of a boss or professor will be impressed.

Get our assortment of colors so that you can color coat each section with different categories, documents or school subjects. Never again will you be searching for that one paper for that one subject that is worth your whole grade. Instead of just shoving your documents in your binder with no order, these envelopes will be sure to hold them tight with the VELCRO® brand Closure. And with the expansion, you can fit more than you think! 

Never again will you be that person running into a meeting or class and trip over something and then have all your papers fly out and then someone comes by you to help you with your papers and then your hands touch and then you fall in love and then the music plays in the background. Sorry. If you do trip, it will just be an awkward thump. But, hey, your papers will be safe! 

Plastic Binder Envelopes with VELCRO® brand Closure & 3 hole punch. Works with most 3 ring binders! Envelopes have 1 inch expansion.

Available in multiple colors. 9 1/2 x 11 1/2.

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