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Decorative Bubble Wrap Padded Envelopes

Decorative Bubble Wrap Padded Envelopes

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Don't let the party stop just because you can't be there. Send an inviting envelope with a great birthday present inside one of our Decorative Bubble Wrap Padded Envelopes to make that birthday guy or gal extra happy. 

Sometimes you're too far to celebrate right along with someone, but this bubble lined poly mailer the perfect solution to that far away distance dilemma. Before even opening what's on the inside, a smile will appear on their face. The bright and vibrant colored poly designs will speak to any kind of occasion. From graduations to birthdays for all ages, the happiness level will peak with your awesome envelope. When looking at office products and mailing supplies, you'll find these are a must have. And the padded inside is just the icing on that birthday cake! Whether you're sending a special birthday card you don't want bent or a fragile gift you really don't want to see cracked, the padding will definitely come to your rescue!

Decorative Bubble Wrap Padded Envelopes come in over 10 different designs and three different sizes:

- Small (6 x 10)
- Medium (8 1/2 x 12 1/4)
- Large (10 1/2 x 16)

All sizes are sold in packs of six.

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