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Ivory A7 Envelopes - 5 1/4 x 7 1/4

Ivory A7 Envelopes - 5 1/4 x 7 1/4

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We've tested these envelopes on the toughest guys out there and all of them submitted to each cute, sweet ivory shade we have to offer. So much so, that their usual tactics no longer work. Robert DeNiro tried to talk in that mirror of his, and the only thing that came out was "would you like to talk to me?". Sylvester Stallone put away his gloves and his guns. Liam Neeson no longer wants to keep going with the “Taken” franchise (thankfully, there are enough of those anyway). And Chuck Norris, yes the man himself, started to cry when we handed him these smooth envelopes.

The effect that these envelopes have on people will be perfect for that sweet wedding you want to show off to everyone. Those 5 x 7 photos will leave them crying but with this envelope it’ll be like a river! Their ivory color is sure to sway anyone. Especially if it swayed Chuck! Make your photos feel more important than they already are, covered by our angelic envelopes. We may have gotten rid of every tough guy attitude out there! Our ivory envelopes are that magical!

Ivory A7 Envelopes measure 5 1/4 x 7 1/4. Also known as Ivory 5x7 envelopes and Ivory Photo Envelopes.
Available in
Strathmore: Natural White Wove, Linen, Laid, Pinstripe
Strathmore: Strathmore Ivory Wove, Laid
Milkweed Genesis Recycled, Natural Parchment Recycled, Gypsum Recycled, Sandstone Recycled, Husk Genesis Recycled, Spring Ochre Translucent, Opal Stardream Metallic, & Ivory with Gold Foil Lining.

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