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    • When shine is your number one priority and a unique envelope is what you're looking for, these Foil Envelopes are sure to answer to both of those wishes. Our poly mailing envelopes we have, not to mention the amount of categories we have to choose from, will brighten up any occasion and is sure to dazzle any recipient. Whether you want your business to reach potential clients with one simple glance or want your entire guest list to come after seeing that Christmas invitation, these Foil Envelopes will do the trick.

      Zip through your invitations with our Zip Foils, available in See-Through Foil and Gold! They will hold your documents tight and at the same time impress your friends and family. Our Foil Envelopes with Peel & Seal Closure have over fifteen colors to choose from and over ten different sizes so you'll always have the perfect color and perfect size for all of your events. And when the most wonderful time of year comes around, we have Foil Holiday Envelopes to fit the beautiful themed Christmas card or those Happy Holiday wishes. When you want to add a touch of foil without being so loud about it, our Envelopes with Foil Lining are here for you. When someone opens up your White Envelope to a shiny surprise, they are sure to become a client, RSVP, or even write a thank you card. So start shopping for these statement envelopes today!

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