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Envelopes with Clear Windows

Envelopes with Clear Windows

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Envelopes with Clear Windows get you to show off the material you’re sending in a professional and creative way. Booklet size Window Envelopes feature a large translucent plastic pane centered on the front side of the envelope. This allows you to flaunt the cover of a magazine, brochure, or catalog that you’re mailing out. No matter how great your offer is, getting people to just open direct mail can prove to be a challenge for many. With Clear Window Envelopes, recipients of your package see your impressive content without even having to open the envelope. Entice them right away.

You can get 9 x 12 Envelopes with Clear Windows in 3 different colors.

#10 Window Envelopes come in various bright and bold colors. For business mail with flare.

Envelopes with Clear Windows are available in:

• #10 Window
• 6 x 9 Booklet
• 9 x 12 Booklet

Just change the size and color to change the picture.

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