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Clear 11 x 14 Envelopes

Clear 11 x 14 Envelopes

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Death Spiral. Edge Jump. Mohawk Turn. Think these moves are for the X-games? Think again. These are moves that figure skaters execute. The ones that skate on that clear ice ground and never lose a beat.

These clear envelopes are perfect for the figure skater out there. We know how much you all need to tuck in when skating, so our tuck and flap closure fits perfectly with your style! And since you are on the ice all day and night practicing for those Winter Olympics, the easy opening will save all the time you need! AND since your costumes are so fancy, this clear envelope will be good to balance out all those sequins.

Store all of your routines in here for safe keeping, even when some shattered ice gets on it! (Because of course you don’t have time to put the envelope anywhere else but on the ice with you.) Or if you’re just a super fan of these extremely dedicated athletes, store all of those “Go [insert figure skater name here]!” posters you have in these envelopes when you travel along with them as groupies!

Clear 11x14 Open End Poly Plastic Envelopes have a tuck flap closure for easy removal of documents.

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