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Envelopes - By Color > Black Envelopes > Black Envelopes - By Size > Black #6 Coin Envelopes - 3 3/8 x 6

Black #6 Coin Envelopes - 3 3/8 x 6

Black #6 Coin Envelopes - 3 3/8 x 6

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As dark as the midnight sky, these envelopes are bold, smooth, and give off the classy look you've been searching for. Use Black #6 Coin Envelopes to store your stamps, coin, button, paper clips, or anything else! These are perfect for pretty much anything you can fit inside.

Why pick blue or red when you can have the most dominating color of them all. The deep black will have all the other colors running in fear. If you're looking to go bold, this envelope is the way to go.

#6 Coin Envelopes measure 3 3/8 x 6 inches and feature an easy-to-use gum flap closure. Simply wet the seal and close it up!

Looking for more than just black? Take a visit to our Coin Envelopes page where you will find many more sizes and colors! Wih multiple colors at your disposable, there's no limit to what you can do with these awesome little envelopes!

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