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White 17 x 21 Envelopes

White 17 x 21 Envelopes

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100% recycled, 100% protected. With this white 17 x 21 envelope, along with the stiff cardboard that covers it, anything you put inside will stay flat and remain unbent. And who doesn't love to see that an item is 100% recycled? 

Use these massive mailers to send out large photographs, calendars, art projects and more. A durable cardboard exterior is perfect for the safekeeping and sending of fragile projects. The color white is formal, professional and an overall classic choice; it is also easily written on or labeled. So whether you want to keep it clean and simple by keeping it white or decorate it with markers, labels, or crafts for the holiday season, birthday, or any other special event is up to you! 

These large white cardboard mailers measure in at 17 x 21 inches and feature a self adhesive peel and seal closure, making sure your content doesn't fall out on the way to grandma's house (or wherever it happens to be going)! 

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