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Modern Christmas Card Sets

Modern Christmas Card Sets

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The holiday season can be stressful. From all the shopping for gifts and decorating the house and cooking the food, there is never time for anything else. Here at JAM we realize this, so we decided that giving you these Christmas card sets will lighten that stressful blow. 

And with the festive designs you'll not only having an easy way to say Merry Christmas to your family and friends, you'll also be as spirited as it gets. Choose from 15 designs! From Snow Angels to Christmas ornaments, Christmas will feel as easy as any other day. These great cards come in sets of ten, which only makes it better! You'll be able to grab a bunch and send them out to your coworkers, friends, and family. Personalize them with your own Christmas messages. These designs speak to all Christmas lovers, so it'll be easy to choose one and send it out to each person. So don't go without a card this season! 

Modern Christmas cards are just $5 for 10 cards. Envelopes included!

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