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Pink Sheer Organza Bags

Pink Sheer Organza Bags

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Pink Sheer Organza Bags have a feminine, airy greatness about them. They are cute but sexy, elegant but inexpensive. Use them as party favors for special events including weddings, birthday parties, holidays, and more! Depending on the size, Pink Sheer Organza Bags can hold jewelry, candy, cookies, and wine! The sheer material will make any gift or favor shine but not hide from your guests or recipients. 

The best part is that each bag comes with an elegant drawstring fastener. Pull the ends of the string to tighten and open the bag to loosen. This way you can easily tighten it and your recipient's can easily open it - what better combination is there?

Pink Sheer Organza Bags are available in five sizes:
- X-Small (3 x 4)
- Small (4 x 5 1/2)
- Medium (5 x 6 1/2)
- Large (5 1/2 x 9)
- Wine Bag (6 x 14)

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