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Colored Paper Clips

Colored Paper Clips

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  • Colored Paper Clips can be found exclusively at JAM Paper. Recommended in Martha Stewart Living's 2013 Colorful Craft Room suggestions. In 2012, these color paper clips were declared "The Official Clip of Graphic Design USA Magazine." Available in regular/standard size and large jumbo size.

    We believe that being different and living in color is important. Even for something as small as paper clips.

    We have Blue Paperclips, Black Paperclips, Green Paperclips, Purple Paperclips, Red Paperclips, White Paper Clips, Orange Paper Clips, Pink Paper Clips, Dark Blue Paper Clips, Yellow Paper Clips, and Black/White Zebra Paper Clips!

    Circular Round Shape Paperclips are available in: Red, Yellow, White, Pink, Purple, Dark Blue, Green, Black, Hot Pink, & Silver!

    Just change the color or size to change the picture!