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Three Ring View Binders

Three Ring View Binders

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Need to get organized but want to look awesome at the same time? Carry one of these around and you’re sure to get noticed. Our 1-inch lime green binder will have all of the guys and gals fawning over “that one with the lime green binder”. Our 1-inch purple binder will leave a lasting impression of loyalty (because that’s what purple symbolizes right?). And our 2, dare I say it, TWO inch black binder will leave people begging for answers. Mystery is a first great impression and bigger is always better. 

If this didn’t get you clicking on that (cough lime green) “add to cart” button, this certainly will. With the clear plastic “viewing” cover, you can easily slip any kind of paper in it. Project due and desperately need an A because you forgot college was about learning too? Report due and desperately need to impress your boss because layoffs are around the corner? Use these binders to slip in that cool title page you need to not get in trouble by your parents or your spouse.

Three Ring View binders make it easy to punch those holes, clip those papers in tight, and keep them there until you decide for some spring-cleaning. Hoarders, remember that! 

Three Ring View Binders are available in 1 inch and 2 inch. 1 inch view binders available in Lime Green and Purple. 2 inch view binders are available in Black.

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