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Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, weddings. We give a lot of gifts over the year. And while the gifts change, one thing can remain the same: your gift box. A classic, reliable, versatile package can be used for any present and any occasion, and it will never go out of style.

Our Open Lid Kraft Gift Box is that package. Perfectly sized to fit small, medium, or larger items, you can use it to hold anything from a bunch of homemade beauty products to a set of crystal candlesticks. Its strong paperboard build ensures a safe home for whatever you put inside. And its attractive brown kraft design looks great at any type of event and can be wrapped up in paper or simply topped with a bow, ribbon, or twine. This box is so versatile, you'll want to keep a bunch around for all your year-long gift wrapping needs. And since it folds flat and stores easily, you can.

So when the wedding invitations start rolling in, and the birthdays start filling up your calendar, use the box that works for every occasion.

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