3-in-1 Super Bowl Betting Game

3-in-1 Super Bowl Betting Game

Every year, my dad throws a huge Super Bowl party. No matter who’s playing, how many people show up, or how much he hates the quarterbacks (thankfully, Tom Brady was not in it this year). His parties are always filled with food, food,and more food—and, of course, football. As someone who is only there for the food and, of course, the Super Bowl commercials and halftime show, I tried to come up with some Super Bowl party games that would keep myself and others like me entertained while not disrupting the true fans during the actual football game. Here’s what I came up with:

JAM 3-in-1 Super Bowl Betting Game


super bowl betting game board with game pieces


  • Ages: Anyone who understands numbers
  • Rated: PG (things might get heated… and betting games are involved)
  • Understanding of game required to play: 0% if you have amazing luck / are not a sore loser / are okay with just playing for fun
  • Understanding of game required to actually win something: Approximately 80%


Level 1: Candy Bets
wrapped chocolates and candy in end zones for super bowl betting game playing field First, create ‘team’ questions. They should follow this format: “Which team will _____?” Answer the question correctly and get 1 piece of candy. Examples of Level 1 Questions: Which team will... ... get the first touchdown? ... get the first field goal? ... get the first sack? ... make the first turnover? ... use the most time outs? ... make the most touchdowns? ... get the most penalties?
Level 2: Money Bets
dollar bills and coins in colorful tiny envelopes labeled with numbers For the second round, come up with some ‘player’ questions. They should follow this format: “Which player will ­_____?” Insert a certain amount of money into each envelope depending on the difficulty level of the question. (For instance, the question, “Which player will throw the first touchdown?” would be an easier question than, “Which player will get the first touchdown?”.) Determine the worth of each question in money, and divide this amount by the group so that all of the questions are fair play. Anyone who does not want to participate in the money section can opt out. Examples of Level 2 Questions: Which player will... ... throw the first touchdown? ... catch the first touchdown? ... get the first sack? ... get the first interception? ... throw the first interception? ... get the most tackles? ... gain the most total yards?
Level 3: Coupon Bets
handwritten coupon offers on orange and blue colored paper The final type of question is ‘number’ questions. They should follow this format: “How many _____ will occur?” If you win and get an EXACT number (no Price is Right rules allowed), you can create your own coupon. (For instance, someone pays for your next dinner or drink, washes the next batch of dishes, etc. Just remember to keep it PG.) Examples of Level 3 Questions: How many... ... field goals will there be all together? ... penalties will there be all together? ... touchdowns will there be all together? ... points will the Panthers get? ... points will the Broncos get? ... passing yards will Peyton Manning throw for? ... passing yards will Cam Newton throw for? Remember: this is for fun, but you also want to win. So study up before the upcoming game this Sunday, starting at 6:30 PM EST. super bowl betting game full board with game pieces Send us pictures of your party games or your own version of JAM’s 3-in-1 Super Bowl Betting Game!

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