Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume

Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume

Even though Halloween is on the same day every year I somehow wait to the last minute to think of a costume. These paper animal masks are quick, inexpensive, and simple to make and are just enough to qualify as a costume. You could even elaborate the faces: add colored cardstock, choose different animals, or create a different character entirely.

bear, rabbit, racoon, and cat Kraft paper animal masks and colorful polka dots


Kraft Paper

Black marker

White chalkboard marker

Pink paint pen

Twine/Elastic string

Materials for Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes: brown kraft paper, twine, sharpie, and paint markers

Is there anything more simple than this paper mask? We took the idea and created a whole set of party animals!

Measure the width of your face or where you want to the mask to cover. Trace the animal outline on our kraft paper. Our masks measure around 6 or 7 inches lengthwise and 2 to 4 inches tall (except the bunny which measures almost 7 inches tall with the ears)

finished last minute diy halloween costume kraft raccoon and cat animal masks

Then I traced and cut out holes for the eyes. To keep it even you can fold the face in half and draw one eye then cut both layers. Then draw! Try your hand at a foxy fox, a charming cat, a bewitching bear, or a bold bunny!finished brown Kraft paper bear and bunny animal masks

inspired by Handmade Charlotte blog

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